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Category Archives: Nervous System Support

Bach Flower Remedies Nervous System Support – Flower Essence Walnut –

Walnut is for protection from change and outside influences. It is the essence for times of major life changes – teething, puberty, pregnancy, divorce, menopause, etc. Those in need of Walnut are

MRM Nervous System Support – St. Johns Wort 0.3% Hypericin 450 mg –

St. John’s Wort (Hypericum perforatum) is an herbal extract that has been used in European clinics for years. This material has been standardized to contain 0.3% Hypericin, one of the known active

Bach Flower Remedies Nervous System Support – Flower Essence Water

Water Violet is for when you are proud; aloof. They are private, sedate people, who are often asked for advice but will not impose their opinions or wishes on others. Gentle and

Enzymatic Therapy Nervous System Support – Holy Basil Trinity Blend –

Holy Basil Trinity Blend is a dietary supplement created by Enzymatic Therapy that helps fight stress and uplift your mood. Promotes good mood and spirit Acts as a stress reliever Holy Basil

NewChapter Nervous System Support – Holy Basil Force – 120 Liquid

Support a positive response to stress and uplift your mind and spirit with Holy Basil Force from NewChapter. Holy Basil has a long standing reputation of relieving stress and anxiety the natural

NOW Nervous System Support – Vitamin B-100 Sustained Release – 100

B-100 Tabs provide a full complement of B-Vitamins plus Choline and Inositol. Together, these vitamins work to support energy production, are critical for the healthy metabolism of homocysteine, and promote a healthy

Pure Vegan Nervous System Support – Stress Away High Potency B-Complex

Stress Away is a high potency Vitamin B-Complex with Vitamin C. When the body undergoes physical or emotional stress, B-vitamins are depleted quickly. When the body is forced to withstand these demands,

Nutrition Now Nervous System Support – Chewable Melatonin 500 mcg,

Adjust your body’s internal clock, to induce sleep, when you use NNI Chewable Melatonin 500 mcg Peppermint – 100 Gummies from Nutrition Now. Research suggests that this calming supplement may help coordinate

Bach Flower Remedies Nervous System Support – Flower Essence Crab

Crab Apple is for when you have a poor self image; sense of uncleanliness. They be obsessively house-proud, or have a mental obsession with cleanliness and trivialities.The positive potential of Crab Apple

Best Life Herbals Nervous System Support – DeltaSom – 60 Capsules

DeltaSom 60 Capsules from Best Life Herbals contains a sleep inducing complex that could help induce sleep, which may aid in support of the heart and blood vessels. Studies reveal that proper

Metabolic Maintenance Nervous System Support – PS-100

If you’re having problems remembering things, you may not have enough phosphatidylserine (PS) in your body. PS is a fat that your brain uses to keep your memory sharp; it also helps

Priority One Nervous System Support – Mega Stress – 60 Tablets

Dealing with constant stress has become the norm in our fast-paced lifestyles. Stress affects everyone, whether you’re working long hours, worried about the future, or just having a bad day. Stress isn’t

DaVinci Labs Nervous System Support – Melatonin-3 3 mg – 120 Capsules

Melatonin-3 3 mg aids in establishing healthy sleep patterns. Manufactured by DaVinci Labs, this supplement comes in a convenient capsule form. Improves the sleep/wake cycle Restores normal sleep patterns Melatonin-3 3 mg

Pure Encapsulations Nervous System Support – CurcumaSorb Mind – 60

CurcumaSorb Mind offers a broad range of polyphenol compounds, including flavonoids, EGCG and oligomeric proanthocyanidins (OPCs) to promote daily cognitive function and emotional wellness. Curcumin and other polyphenols support neuronal stability and

Natrol Nervous System Support – Melatonin 3 mg – 240 Tablets

Getting a good night’s sleep is even easier with Natrol Melatonin – a natural nightcap. A hormone found in the body, melatonin, helps promote more restful sleep. Natrol Melatonin provides relief for

Pure Encapsulations Nervous System Support – Niacitol (no-flush

Your body needs a steady supply of energy to keep you going day after day. Most of that energy from the foods you eat, which your body converts into glucose. One of

Pure Encapsulations Nervous System Support – Melatonin 20 mg – 180

Regularly getting a proper amount of sleep each night is extremely important to your mental and physical health. In fact, research indicates that sleep is important to memory, cognitive function, creativity, stress

Pure Encapsulations Nervous System Support – Melatonin 3 mg – 180

If you’re experiencing difficulty sleeping or find that you wake in the middle of the night and have difficulty going back to sleep, you may be suffering from a melatonin deficiency. Melatonin

Pure Encapsulations Nervous System Support – 5-HTP

If you lead a hurried, stressful lifestyle, you may be putting your health at risk. A poor diet, lack of exercise, and insufficient rest can cause your brain to produce low levels

Protocol for Life Balance Nervous System Support – GABA 750 mg – 120

Natural Neurotransmitter!GABA (Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid) is a non-protein amino acid that is naturally produced in the body. GABA is the brain’s main inhibitory neurotransmitter and healthy levels are associated with a relaxed mood.